Friday, September 15, 2006

My magnum opus

Keen eyed readers will be aware that I have been suspiciously quiet over the last few months. You may be wondering what it is a mad old dead bloke like myself gets up to when he's not been around for a while. Well let me tell those of you with vivid imaginations, my absence has bugger all to do with linament and the Sequinned Fox as reported in some of the scandal rags !
I have in fact been busy writing my belated autobiography, The Life & Times Of The Blind-Winger Jones. This is the first genuinely "ghostwritten" football life story, as it's being written by a bona fide dead person, rather than just a money grubbing hack pretending to be a fancy dan.
The foreword has been written by Cumberland Sausage Manufacturer and occassional sports writer, Huntsman David who despite not having read it,has likened it to a book of spiritual guidance. He has already predicted it will soon be up alongside the Bible and the works of Billy Shakeshaft in the canon of great literature. So there you have it.
I will keep you up to date with occassional progress reports as it develops. My publishers tell me you will be able to buy my distilled wisdom in book form at some point next year. Until then try to be good and don't upset the turkeys.